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Elwin Benoni Hall


He was born on 24th March 1891 in Ventura, California, USA the son of Elwin Seth Hall and Robertine Buntin (nee Hines). His father was a lawyer.


Above the Hall family in Los Angeles in 1910. Back Row (L-R): Elwin Benoni Hall Sr., Walter Hines, Alice Hines, Walter L. Hall, Ella Jones Hall, Alice Virginia Hall (Mouillac), Dr. Daniel McQuarris, Olive Pierpont, E. Benoni Hall. Front Row: Robertine Hines Hall (his mother), Robertine Hall (Leisure), Dr. Pierpont Crooks, Elwin S. Hall (his father)

He was educated at Stanford University from 1910 to 1914.

Above his father Edwin Seth Hall


Above the Stanford Freshman Footballers that played California Cardinals on 15th October 1910 at Palo Alto (L-R): Presley (Coach), Mitchell, Olmstead, Watkins, Kauffman, Clover, Barman, Brown, “Dad” Moulton (Trainer), Gard, Knight (sub), Murray (sub), Gilmore (sub), Blas (sub), Boulware, Henry (sub), Tilton, Hall, Geissler (captain), Harrogan, Reeves, Darsie.


Above the 1911 Stanford Freshmen rugby team. 1. Watkins, 2. Boulware, 3. Burbank, 4. Brown, 5. Darsie, 6. Presley, 7. Kauffman, 8. Clover, 9. Reeves, 10. Barman, 11. Geissler, 12. Hall, 13. Gard, 14. Tilton, 15. Harrigan.


Above Elwin at Stanford in 1912. Back Row (L-R): Standish, Dawson, Powell, Adams. Second Row: Brown Higgins, Strong, Hall, Jack, James, Snyder. Third Row: Hagerman, Howell, Johnson, Slade. Fourth Row: Kern, Beman, Dole, Haslett, Obear. Front Row: Harrigan, Gregory, Manning.

Above the USA side that played New Zealand in 1913. Back Row (L-R): Daniel Brendon Carroll (Stanford University), Clark Lewis Boulware (not used) (Stanford University), Haley (not used) (Stanford University), William Pettigrew Darsie (Stanford University), Herbert Rowell Stolz (replacement) (Stanford University), Brant (?) or Flemming (not used) (?), Joseph C. Urban (Stanford University), A.Knowles (replacement) (?), Charles A. Austin (Olympic), G.Voight (Santa Clara University), Frank Jacob Gard (Captain) (Stanford University), Roland Roy Blase (Stanford University), William Norris King (University of California). Front Row: Forbes (not used) (?), Stirling Benjamin Peart (University of California), Joseph Louis McKim (University of California), G.Glasscock (Olympic), Elwin Benoni Hall (Stanford University), Benjamin Edward Erb (not used) (Stanford University), Louis Cass (Stanford University), Mowatt Merrill Mitchell (Los Angeles Athletic Club), Quill (not used) (Santa Clara), J.A.Ramage (Santa Clara University).


Above the 1913 Stanford University side. 1 Maloney (Trainer), 2 Partridge, 3 Darsie, 4 Burbank (Manager), 5 Smith, 6 Gard. 7 Urban, 8 Corbett, 9 Harrigan, 10 Hall, 11 Presley (Coach), 12 Sanborn, 13 Schaupp, 14 Cass, 15 Kern, 16 Erb, 17 Dingley, 18 Risling, 19 Noble.


Above the 1913 line-up for the annual Stanford University and University of California rugby match from the San Francisco Call. The previous year’s game had attracted an attendance of 23,000 on a muddy California Field a week previous to the first USA match against Australia.

The games of American Football and Rugby were played by both Stanford and the University of California. Between 1906 and 1914 American Football was dropped by both Universities in favour of Rugby. American Football replaced rugby after World War 1.

Above the 1914 Leland Stanford Junior University. 1. Watkins, 2. Blase, 3. Maloney, 4. Gard, 5. Clover, 6. Wilcox, 7. Urban, 8. Wines, 9. Austin, 10. Carroll, 11. Brown, 12. Lachmund, 13. Davidson, 14. Darsie, 15. Peck, 16. Andrews, 17. Erb, 18. Hall, 19. Reeves, 20. Tilton.


Elwin obtained his degree at Stanford in Geology in 1915 and married Mary L. Bacon the following year on 6th January in Los Angeles. He became Vice-President and Gen. Manager of Montacal Oil Company in Los Angeles. They had two children Elwin and Rosemary. His son Elwin Bacon Hall also attended Stanford and was a mechanical and petroleum engineer at E. B. Hall & Co. Drilling and Production Co.


He died on 20th January 1949 in Los Angeles, USA and buried at Inglewood Cemetery, Los Angeles, Calif.


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