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Charles James Nicol Fleming


He was born on 5th April 1868. He was educated at Fettes College , Edinburgh and Queen’s College, Oxford University . He was a rugby blue 4 times from 1887 to 90.

Oxford XV 1890. (L-R) Back Row: F.I. Cowlishaw, A.M. Paterson, W. Rice-Evans, R.W. Hunt, A.R. Kay, S.E. Wilson, W.H. Parkin. Seated: R.F.C. de Winton, E.H.G. North, C.J.N Fleming (Captain). J.H.G Wilson, P.R. Clauss. On Ground: R.G.T. Coventry, E. Bonham-Carter, P.R. Cadell.

He had to wait six years after his last rugby blue before he played for Scotland and then only received three caps in 1896 and 1897.

He became an assistant master at his old school, Fettes, in 1893 and left in 1900 to join Ministry of Public Instruction in Egypt and then the Sudan Civil Administration. He was H.M. Inspector of Schools in Scotland in 1903. He became President of the Scottish Rugby Union.

He died on 13th November 1948 at Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway .



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