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Gregor MacGregor


He was born on 31st August 1869 in Merchiston, Edinburgh. He was educated at Uppingham School and Jesus College , Cambridge where he was twice a rugby blue in 1889 and 1890 as well as gaining blues for cricket. He played rugby for Scotland on three occasions. He was an original member of the Barbarians. He also played cricket for England on eight occasions.

Cambridge XV 1889. (L-R) Back Row: P.H. Illingworth, E.C. Langton, W. Wotherspoon, G. MacGregor, F.C. Bree-Frink, J.W. Bowhill, A.L. Jackson, C.E.Fitch. Seated: R.L. Aston, W. Martin Scott, P.H. Morrison (Captain), S.M.J. Woods, P.T.Williams. On Ground: T.W.P. Storey, J. Smith. J.C.McDonnell (absent).

Injury prevented Martin Scott from captaining the 1889 Cambridge side and Morrison took over. B.F. Robinsons friend, Percy Illingworth, was also in the Cambridge side. Fleming played for the Oxford XV. Oxford won this match by 1 goal and a try (4 points) to nil. Martin Scott missed the following seasons varsity match and never did gain a rugby blue.

The 1890 varsity match was postponed until the 3rd March 1891. The match was drawn 1 goal (3 points) each.



He also played cricket for Middlesex being captain from 1898 to 1907.

He died on 20th August 1919 in Marylebone, London.



Patrick Casey, 2010
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