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Joseph Louis McKim


He was born on 25th August 1891 in Los Refugios, Sonora, Mexico the only son of John Harmon McKim and his second  wife, Mexican, Pastoria (nee Caranza). His father went to Mexico silver mining after the death of his first wife. It was there he met and married Joe’s mother. She died in 1896 and he arrived back in the USA two years later. His father bought 1,200 acres of Imperial Valley in Southern California for farming, known as the McKim Ranch where they all eventually lived.

Above Pamona High School rugby team 1910 with McKim captain. 1. Rol, 2. Doolittle, 3. Heath, 4. Smith, 5. Graff, 6. O.Fritsch (Coach), 7. N.Clark, 8. Cummings, 9. Teague, 10. J.Mckim, 11. Lattin, 12. E.Clarke, 13. Davies, 14. Parker, 15. Kinney, 16. Walker, 17. Johnson, 18. Ogle, 19. Williams, 20. Pruett, 21. Nichols, 22. Hine.

Joe was educated at the Pomona High School, Los Angeles and the University of California where his nickname was “Chalk”. When he joined the University pictures of him were in the newspaper under the pseudonym C.H.A.McKim with headlines such as “The Physically Perfect Man”

Above McKim in the San Francisco Call on 31st August 1911.

Above the USA side that played Australia in 1912. Back Row (L-R) Guerin (Olympic RFC) (not used), Robert Howe Fletcher (University of California) (not used), William Norris King (University of California), Chris Martin Momson (Santa Clara University), Karl Ludwig Schaupp (Stanford University), Frank Jacob Gard (Stanford University), James Lee Arrell (Olympic RFC), Warren L. Smith (Stanford University), Chester Arthur Allen (University of California), Eugene Francis Kern (Stanford University) (not used), Glasscock (Olympic RFC) (not used), Phillip Frederick Harrigan (Stanford University). Front Row: Charles Allphin Austin (Olympic RFC), Augustus Mudge Sanborn (Stanford University), Joseph Louis McKim (University of California), Stirling Benjamin Peart (University of California), Laird Monterey Morris (University of California) (Captain), Benjamin Edward

Joe in 1913 at the University of California

Above the 1913 University of California rugby squad. Back Row (L-R): Cerf, Fleming, King, Fletcher, Dills, Voltz (Trainer), Schaeffer (Coach). Second Row: Peart, Saunders, Miller, Hoskins, Douglas, McKim, Donald (Manager. Third Row: Allen, Carpenter, Stroud (Captain), Morris, Evans, Brant. On Ground: Hazeltine, Fish.



The USA side that played New Zealand in 1913. Back Row (L-R): Daniel Brendon Carroll (Stanford University), Clark Lewis Boulware (not used) (Stanford University), Haley (not used) (Stanford University), William Pettigrew Darsie (Stanford University), Herbert Rowell Stolz (replacement) (Stanford University), Brant (?) or Flemming (not used) (?), Joseph C. Urban (Stanford University), A.Knowles (replacement) (?), Charles A. Austin (Olympic), G.Voight (Santa Clara University), Frank Jacob Gard (Captain) (Stanford University), Roland Roy Blasé (Stanford University), William Norris King (University of California). Front Row: Forbes (not used) (?), Stirling Benjamin Peart (University of California), Joseph Louis McKim (University of California), G.Glasscock (Olympic), E.B.Hall (Stanford University), Benjamin Edward Erb (not used) (Stanford University), Louis Cass (Stanford University), Mowatt Merrill Mitchell (Los Angeles Athletic Club), Quill (not used) (Santa Clara), J.A.Ramage (Santa Clara University).

Above University of California rugby squad 1914. 1. Christie (Assistant Coach), 2. Hunt, 3. Brant, 4. Fleming, 5. Schaeffer (Coach), 6. King, 7. Lockhart, 8. Sanders, 9. Fenstermacher, 10. Volz, 11. Donald (Grad. Manager), 12. Russell, 13. Lane, 14. Abrams, 15. Peart (captain), 16. Hazeltine, 17. Gianelli, 18. Canfield, 19. Fish, 20. McKim, 21. Crane.

Joe in 1914 at the University of California

Joe in 1915 at the University of California

Joe in 1915

Joe in 1916 at the University of California


He married Grace Holdzkom and lived on the family ranch, McKim Ranch, twelve miles east of Imperial Valley, California. They had three children Joanne, Joe Paul, and Pat. His son Joseph Paul McKim also went to the University of California.


Above Joe (circa 1946) with his wife Grace on the right and one of their daughters on the left in front of the McKim Ranch. Image courtesy of Tom Nussbaum.

Joe died on 25th July 1965 in San Diego, California.


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