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Louis Cass


He was born on 16th November 1889 in Los Angeles, USA the son of Alonzo Beecher Cass and his first wife, Emily Flora (nee Tufts). He was the third child of eight children. The Cass family originated in Hertforshire, England in the 17th Century.

Above the Cass family (circa 1905) Back Row (L-R): Alonzo Beecher Cass (Father), Cora Matilda Packard (nee Cass) (Aunt), Frank Tufts Cass (Brother), Louis Cass (boy in hat), unknown, unknown, Carl Pickard, Phil Cass (Brother). Second Row: Emily Tufts (his mother), Pliny Cook Cass (grandfather) holding Emily Cass (Sister), Bruce Hopkins Cass (Uncle), Amanda (nee Herrick) Cass. On Ground: unknown children.

Above his father Alonzo Beecher Cass

His mother, Alonzo’s first wife, Emily, died in 1907. He married her younger sister, Martha in 1909.

Louis was educated at Los Angeles High School and Stanford University.

Above Los Angeles High school rugby 1910. Cass in unlabelled photo.

Above the 1910 Stanford Freshmen rugby squad. 1. Lull, 2. Moulton (Trainer), 3. Burbank (Manager), 4. Presley (Coach), 5. Thoburn, 6. Kern, 7. Arrell, 8. Fyfe, 9. Wurswick, 10. Belcher, 11. Baumgartner, 12. Bly, 13. Frank, 14. Mitchell, 15. Ellis, 16. Murlin, 17. Ambrose, 18. Cass.


Above 1910 Stanford Rugby team. 1. Burbank (Manager), 2. Cook, 3. Presley (Coach), 4. Horton, 5. Minturn, 6. Crawford, 7. Pemberton, 8. Moulton (Trainer), 9. Sanborn, 10. Thorpe, 11. Dole, 12. Pitting, 13. Cheda, 14. S.Mitchell, 15. Brown, 16. M.Mitchell, 17. Roth, 18. Cass, 19. Holman.


Above Cass with brother Donald  at Stanford in 1912. Back Row (L-R): Hertel, Crellin, Leib. Second Row: J.Mitchell. Third Row: Wilson,  L.Cass, Charlton, Hughes. Fourth Row: Stafford, Geissler, Decius, D.Cass

He played in one match for the USA against the All Black in 1913 at scrum-half.

Above the USA side that played New Zealand in 1913. Back Row (L-R): Daniel Brendon Carroll (Stanford University), Clark Lewis Boulware (not used) (Stanford University), Haley (not used) (Stanford University), William Pettigrew Darsie (Stanford University), Herbert Rowell Stolz (replacement) (Stanford University), Brant (?) or Flemming (not used) (?), Joseph C. Urban (Stanford University), A.Knowles (replacement) (?), Charles A. Austin (Olympic), G.Voight (Santa Clara University), Frank Jacob Gard (Captain) (Stanford University), Roland Roy Blase (Stanford University), William Norris King (University of California). Front Row: Forbes (not used) (?), Stirling Benjamin Peart (University of California), Joseph Louis McKim (University of California), G.Glasscock (Olympic), E.B.Hall (Stanford University), Benjamin Edward Erb (not used) (Stanford University), Louis Cass (Stanford University), Mowatt Merrill Mitchell (Los Angeles Athletic Club), Quill (not used) (Santa Clara), J.A.Ramage (Santa Clara University).

Above Loius and his wife Virginia (nee Nourse) in 1920

After Stanford Cass he founded the Insurance company Cass & Johansing in 1915. The company is still in business

In the spring of 1942 Cass and his boat the Vagabundo were called into service by Naval Intelligence to augment the offshore patrol off the west coast after the attack on Pearl Harbour. After Cass died the boat was bought by the Lido Ship Yard and completely renovated and modernised.

Louis established seven scholarship’s at Stanford in honour of family members.

He died on 9th August 1971 in Los Angeles, California, USA

Above his grave at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, Los Angeles County, California.


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