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William Pettigrew Darsie


He was born on 6th January 1891 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania the son of William W. Darsie and Jean P. (nee Pettigrew). He had two sisters Elizabeth and Jean. His father was born in Scotland in 1843 and emigrated to the USA in 1870 where he settled in Pensyvania and started manufacturing steel until he retired in 1905 and moved to Palo Alto, California where he was a member of the real estate firm Darsie, Hutchison & Pettigrew. They lived at 567 Melville, Palo Alto.


Above 567 Melville, Palo Alto


William was educated at Palo Alto High School and Stanford Universit.


Above the 1910 Palo Alto High School rugby team with Darsie captain. 1. Junge, 2. Holme, 3. Lockwood, 4. Tiedman, 5. Looney, 6. Voorhees, 7. Matheson, 8. Howe, 9. H.Henley (Manager), 10. Boulware, 11. Gamble, 12. Olson-Seffer, 13. Mills, 14. Wilson, 15. Hutchinson, 16. W.Darsie (Captain), 17. Ramsey, 18. Soper, 19. Thoburn, 20. DeGroff, 21. E.Risling, 22. Templeton, 23. B.Risling.


Above the Stanford Freshman Footballers that played California Cardinals on 15th October 1910 at Palo Alto (L-R): Presley (Coach), Mitchell, Olmstead, Watkins, Kauffman, Clover, Barman, Brown, “Dad” Moulton (Trainer), Gard, Knight (sub), Murray (sub), Gilmore (sub), Blas (sub), Boulware, Henry (sub), Tilton, Hall, Geissler (captain), Harrogan, Reeves, Darsie.

Above the 1911 Stanford Freshmen rugby team. 1. Watkins, 2. Boulware, 3. Burbank, 4. Brown, 5. Darsie, 6. Presley, 7. Kauffman, 8. Clover, 9. Reeves, 10. Barman, 11. Geissler, 12. Hall, 13. Gard, 14. Tilton, 15. Harrigan.

Above the California Beta Chapter of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Stanford University 1912, with Darsie. Standing (L-R): Soper, Sanford, Stever, Kelly, St. Johns, Kennedy, Jones, Ingram. Seated: Smith Longueville, Pellas, Dunham, Wright, Whittemore, Tiedmann, Evans, Matthias. On Ground: Little, Niebel, Woods, Darsie, Wichman, Weaver, Wilson, Willfong, Ellett, Close.


Above the 1914 Leland Stanford Junior University. 1. Watkins, 2. Blase, 3. Maloney, 4. Gard, 5. Clover, 6. Wilcox, 7. Urban, 8. Wines, 9. Austin, 10. Carroll, 11. Brown, 12. Lachmund, 13. Davidson, 14. Darsie, 15. Peck, 16. Andrews, 17. Erb, 18. Hall, 19. Reeves, 20. Tilton.

Above the USA side that played New Zealand in 1913. Back Row (L-R): Daniel Brendon Carroll (Stanford University), Clark Lewis Boulware (not used) (Stanford University), Haley (not used) (Stanford University), William Pettigrew Darsie (Stanford University), Herbert Rowell Stolz (replacement) (Stanford University), Brant (?) or Flemming (not used) (?), Joseph C. Urban (Stanford University), A.Knowles (replacement) (?), Charles A. Austin (Olympic), G.Voight (Santa Clara University), Frank Jacob Gard (Captain) (Stanford University), Roland Roy Blase (Stanford University), William Norris King (University of California). Front Row: Forbes (not used) (?), Stirling Benjamin Peart (University of California), Joseph Louis McKim (University of California), G.Glasscock (Olympic), E.B.Hall (Stanford University), Benjamin Edward Erb (not used) (Stanford University), Louis Cass (Stanford University), Mowatt Merrill Mitchell (Los Angeles Athletic Club), Quill (not used) (Santa Clara), J.A.Ramage (Santa Clara University).

His mother, originally from Virginia, disappeared on the steamship Maui on the night of 28th April 1929 while at sea. She had previously suffered a nervous breakdown and the newspapers supposition was suicide. She had been travelling with her ?, Mr and Mrs G. D. Pettigrew of San Francisco who were on their way home from Hawaii

He married Mildred S. Powers and had 2 children ? and William Robert Darise.

He was a farmer of vegetables at Walnut Grove, California. He was chairman of the statewide Agricultural Advisory Committee which looked into labour shortages in California during World War 2 which recommended on the importation of Mexican labour.

He became a collector of rare books.

He died on 30th January 1954 in Santa Clara


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