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George Winthrop "Dixie" Fish


He was born on 4th April 1895 in Los Angeles, California, USA, the son of George Cook Fish and Lura Ella (nee Hiatt)

He was a graduate of Cal/ Berkeley and subsequently Columbia Medical School.

Above Fish in the University of California Swimming team in 1914. (L-R): Marston, Starret, Seeds, Horner, Harrell (Captain), Thomas, Fish, Koshland.

Above Fish in 1915 at the University of California


Above Fish in 1915 at the University of California

During World War 1 he was an ambulance driver with the Harjes Unit in France. This was set up by the American Red Cross.

Above Fish in 1918 at the University of California

He played rugby for the USA in the Inter-Allied Games in Paris in 1919.

Above Fish in 1920

He played rugby once for the USA in the 1920 Olympic final against France on 5th September 1920.



Above the 1920 US Olympic Team (L-R) Back Row: Wallace, Patrick, O’Neil, Fish, J Muldoon, Fitzpatrick, Slater, Righter.  Middle Row: Meehan, Hazeltine, Maloney (trainer), Tilden (c), Carroll (pl/coach), W Muldoon, von Schmidt, Scholz. Front Row: Wrenn, Doe, Hunter, Davis, Winston. Missing: Templeton, Kirksey


Fish was a reserve in the 10th October 1920 match against France.

Above the USA side that played a French XV on 10th October 1920. The correct players are Back Row (L-R): Templeton, Muldoon, Wrenn, Winston, Kirksey, Scholz, Davis, Carroll, Righter, Fish, Patrick, Tilden (captain), Hazeltine, C.Slater, Fitzpatrick, Wallace. Front Row: Doe, Hunter, Von Schmidt, Mehan, O’Neil. (players names in bold played in match)

He later became a noted urologist and headed many professional organizations. One of Dr. Fish’s closest friends was Frederick Schiller Faust, a prolific writer who penned the "Dr. Kildare" stories. Schiller started writing the stories in 1937 based on anecdotes related to him by George Fish, and Dr. Kildare was, in fact, modelled on the Olympic rugby gold medallist

Above Frederick Schiller Faust aka Max Brand.

Fish died on 22nd February 1977 in East Hampton, New York, USA.


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