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Stephen Richards


He was born on the 28th August 1941 in West Kirby . He was educated at Clifton College in Bristol . He started his club rugby at Clifton before going to Oxford University in 1959. He was in the 1962 Oxford side that lost to Cambridge in 1962.

Standing (L-R): R.J.Bradford, D.F.Saunders, R.A.M.Whyte, S.Richards, M.Wallington, J.G.S.Young, M.McClaren, J.Parrott, T.Garrett. Sitting: M.Skelton, G.Jones (Vice Captain), Col. G.S.Castle (President), M.J.Moss (Captain), R.Blake. On Ground: W.Painter, I.French, A.Lewis.

Above the Clifton 1st XV of 1960-61 with future England Hooker Steve Richards. He had just started at Oxford University .

Standing (L-R): J.A.Collingwood, S.B.Richards, B.M.Stonehouse, P.K.Stagg, I.C.Jones, R.M.Wilcox, D.M.Sachs, P.MW.Stafford. Seated: G.W.Hines, N.Silk, J.J.McPartin (Captain), J.G.Wilcox, M.A.Ware. On Ground: R.H.Lamb, A.J.A.Lewin.

Above the Oxford team of 1962 with Steve Richards.

He represented England on their 1967 tour of Canada . He was taught rugby at Clifton College by two former England players, the Rev P.W.Brook and J. MacG K. Kendall-Carpenter. He had a dramatic rise to prominence in 1965 winning a regular place for Middlesex and England from Richmond second team.

He won 9 caps for England from 1965 to 1967. His last game for England is memorable as being the debut for Wales of an 18 year old Keith Jarrett. The Newport player had only left Monmouth School a couple of months earlier finding himself selected in the unaccustomed position of full-back. He kicked 7 penalties out of 8 and scored a 50 yard solo try. At the time this equalled the Welsh International record for most points (19) scored in a match.

Standing: D.H.Easby (Touch-Judge), R.D.Hearn, D.M.Rollit, J.Barton, D.E.J.Watt, M.J.Coulman, S.B.Richards, D.J.C.McMahon ( Scotland )(Referee). Seated: R.Webb, D.P.Rodgers, P.E.Judd (Captain), R.W.Hosen, C.W.McFadyean,. On Ground: K.F.Savage, R.D.A.Pickering, R.B.Taylor, J.Finlan.

Above the England side that played Wales on the 15th April 1967. Steve Richards last match for England . Wales won 34-21

Steve Richards moved to Sheffield and went on to play for Sheffield RUFC and Yorkshire .

He is now retired and living in Oxfordshire.




The book "For College, Club & Country - A History of Clifton Rugby Football Club" will be published in November 2009 by MX Publishing.


Patrick Casey, 2009
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